Energy Performance Certification

Currently, every building or local that is renting or holding should have the Energy Performance Certification.


This Certificate will help the users to know how energy consumption of their house or local is.


Energy Performance Certification assesses energy demand (gas and electricity) of the house or local depending on existing constructive characteristics and installations.

With this information we can rate with A, the most efficiency, and with G the less efficiency.

Energy Performance Certificate will include measures that we can use to improve the qualification achieved. This kind of measures helps us to save and it allows get higher value to the house or local that we can sold or rent.

Cero Ceo2 makes Energy Performance Certification. Our experience allow us to make the certificate in the first visiting to the house, doing the getting this certificate for the customer quicker.

In addition, Cero Ceo2 has a commitment with the customer to assess at Euros what is the spending in electricity and gas in his home, we advance the answers to the questions about, and how much is the energy bill? And, how much is the gas bill?